Ken Bennett is one of the RINOs that must not get elected.

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Is Ken Bennett an Honest Politician?

Ken Bennett has used his position as a state official to advocate for policies that benefit his business, sometimes at the expense of the taxpayer. As a state senator, Bennett co-sponsored a bill in 2004 which would provide reimbursement for oil company cleanup costs already covered under private insurance. Some accused Bennett of a conflict of interest, given that his own company would benefit from this change. The bill never made it out of committee and did not become law.


Furthermore, he sat on the board of a Lobbying Organization called Arizona Investment Council (AIC), which advocated for a small group of investors while he was the Arizona Secretary of State.

Ken Bennett does not prioritize the people's interests. Ken Bennett prioritizes HIS interests, often at the expense of the people. Bennett took a position on the Board of Directors of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Western Regional

Facility in 2009, the same year he took over as Secretary of State. In this role, he was paid $2,000 a month. More importantly, people associated with the Cancer Treatment Center contributed over 30% of the funding for Bennett’s exploratory committee for governor.

In a 2013 article by Eric Lach, Bennett was very vague about his role on the board, stating that he spends “Several hours a week” on his work for the board. It is reasonable to question whether Mr. Bennett is creating value through his work for the board, or if the reason he is employed there is to promote the organization’s agenda within the state government.

Additionally, as of 2010, Bennett had collected over 60% of his campaign contributions from “lobbyists, family members of lobbyists, or people connected with the lobbying industry." Mr. Bennett is so friendly towards the lobbying industry that he let 492 lobbyists accused of violating lobbying regulations off Scott free.

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